Thursday, May 22, 2008

-Brushing 101

Shelby doesn't like to be brushed. While she is insensitive to most things being put on her body (Clinton Anderson stick thing, ropes, etc.) I think the brush is too close to the hand. It's almost a hand.

Today I fed Shelby separately to get some extra groceries in her. She is so far down the chain of command in the herd, I think the dog and cat rate higher. So, she got her grain in a smaller area so she could eat in peace. Perfect for a little one-on-one time, I think.

Very soft brush. Very gentle, but confident, strokes. She pinned her ears and would have tried to bite if she wasn't chewing her food with such vigor. I just continued, ignoring her tantrum. When I worked my way down to her belly, a hind foot came up. I ignored and kept going. When the hind leg kicked out, I popped her on the rump and kept going. I'm not sure her ears ever did stay up, but she did stop kicking. I don't know if I did any good, training-wise, but she is cleaner.
The pictures, of course, are before I brushed her. Always how it goes, isn't it?

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