Wednesday, July 9, 2008

She's climbing the ladder.

Not necessarily of success, but that will come.

We are leasing/fostering a mare from a local rescue which has TONS of horses right now. I think about 80!!! Go to for information on how to lease or adopt a horse.

Back to Shelby...well, the leased horse is so submissive that Shelby has been forgotten in the rush to show the new mare who's boss. Shelby just stands quietly, hoping no one will see her and chase her around next.

New mare, Flame, is sweet and holding her own. Sadly, she took her repressed irritation out on the pony, Belle. Poor little Belle got her bootie kicked by the new horse. Just when I thought they were friends.

So, Shelby has climbed up a notch. Not sure what will happen there when the new horse finds it's forever home or we take her back.

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