Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Same old, same old...

Shelby and Chavez are thick as thieves. You won't catch one very far from the other. It has worked out very well for Shelby as Chavez has started sticking up for her at feeding time. I think he's realized he's not a youngster anymore and is starting to assert himself a bit. I like it.

Shelby seems to be filling out a little. Perhaps due to Chavez making room for her at the hay piles. Perhaps that she is not nearly as skittish and squirrely as she has been in the past. I think a calm horse has more ability to concentrate on being healthier and more fit in general. Somewhat "new-agey" which I am not at all, but think about it. Most nervous, constantly moving athletes (long distance runners, cyclists, etc.) are skinny and fussy. (Okay, maybe just the ones I know and/or hear about.) People who are calm and work out, but don't take it as life and death can be fit and healthy without being skinny and crazed.

That is probably WAY beyond the scope of this blog . I just mean that she is settling in, doesn't seem so nervous and is, possibly because of that, gaining some weight and looking sleek.

Could just be that she has stopped growing UP for awhile, too.

Lots of busy days with getting kids in for Optometrist and Dentist appointments. Not much time for the ponies right now. I need to make some hard decisions on a couple of horses in the next few weeks and that has taken up much of my horse time.

I'm not selling or giving them away. Just my old gelding, Dodge... he wintered REALLY hard last year. He's IR and hates low carb, low starch food. He's ancient and I don't know what his past really consisted of. He has started favoring a foreleg more than normal. He's skinny and ... the list goes on. So, when I took Dani in last week, I talked to her about Dodge. I'm probably going to put him down in the next few weeks.

Selfishly, I know I can get him through another winter. Honestly, I don't think that's in his best interest. He went downhill so quickly after we had to put his buddy, Gambler, down last year about the same time. I'm so not ready to go through that heartache again, but I think it's the best choice. I can't make him any younger.

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