Friday, September 12, 2008

From afar

I took some pictures of Shelby as she was taking a drink on the other side of the panels. I didn't have time to spend with her today, other than feeding and a quick check to make sure everything is okay, no weird lameness or anything like that.

She is pretty. For some reason, she always is full of scrapes. I don't know if she hasn't learned where not to stick her head and neck or what, but she has hair rubbed off in little patches always. Could be trying to get rid of the flies, but I think it's from sticking her head through the feed door and pulling it out too quickly.
She looks way downhill in these pictures, but I think it could be the slope of the ground to some extent. She is definitely still downhill, but not as bad as a few months ago.

1 comment:

Pony Girl said...

Cute pictures! Little Shelby is growing up!
Pasture horses tend to find a way to get themselves dinged up pretty easily. ;(