Friday, September 5, 2008

Poor little Shelby

Poor little Shelby has had to do precisely nothing in a very long time. She eats and sleeps stretched out in the grass in the sunshine. That is all she does. She drinks once in a while and puts her head on other horses backs and rubs against the fencing, but that is it.

I think she likes it.

She's still a baby in so many ways. Her body is growing so fast, but her eyes say she doesn't always quite know what is going on. She likes the company of other horses, but has been very content in her own space next to the others lately. It's good for her to not share her food with Chavez all the time. Phelps and Shelby are about the same ribby factor, so after Phelps is done with is antibiotics, I'll put her with him to eat together.

Funny that she seemed so tall to me before Phelps came. Now, she seems even a little small. She is nicer all the time and hasn't pinned her ears at me in quite awhile.

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