Friday, October 17, 2008

Winter coat

Shelby is getting fuzzy for the winter. She has the best coat so far, so that gives me hope that she is getting the correct nutrition. Whew! She's gaining weight and, as the vet foretold, she is blooming.

She is easier to handle each time and less prone toward fits of crankiness. I can tell she still doesn't like to be messed with, but she doesn't despise it like she used to.

She let me put on a fly mask and spray her all over today. I rubbed her belly and legs for good measure and let her go. She walked over to Chavez, her comfort zone, and hid behind him. Someday, I hope she'll enjoy being with people. I'm not worried about it yet. She's handlable and lets me do what needs to be done. The rest will come.

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Cheryl said...

I nominated you for a blog award, I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Please link my website to the award, then you nominate 5 others. You can email me for instructions, but it is pretty easy to figure out! Congrats! I LOVE reading about Shelby! You are an inspiration to me and my horses. Please visit my blog to pick up your award.