Saturday, November 8, 2008

Slightly less cranky today

I de-wormed all the horses today and Shelby was very good about letting me administer that. Funny how that's okay with her, but she hates to be brushed on her belly. I got her mane and tail all brushed out and looking sleek.

She did try to nip me when I picked up her front feet to clean out. I guess we need to work on that a little more. She was also riled up about the dog licking the stall mat under her bucket of grain. She's a curious little thing.

I measured her because she looks so unbalanced, back to front, right now. She is just about 15hh even at the withers and 15.3hh at the hip! Yes, I am hoping the front plays catch-up with the back end. In the pictures you can see the discrepancy. Before you say "her hind end is on a stall mat!", well it is, but that's only 1/2 inch and I measured from where each end was (on the ground or mat) so it's still accurate on each end. Though, it does look all the more strange with her back end on a bit of an incline.

She has definitely gained weight recently and is putting on a nice winter coat. I think she'll be a really nice looking filly in the spring.

Front legs. Not so "Easty-Westy" anymore.

Hind legs.

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