Sunday, June 29, 2008

Getting in a rhythm.

I am not going for big achievements or great strides (no pun intended) each time I work with Shelby. Sometimes it's just about her letting me brush her without moving around. Sometimes, it could be hanging out with her so she doesn't think every time she sees a halter she has to do something taxing.

Today, it was getting late. Probably about 8:30pm or later before I even had time to do anything. I let her eat some grain as I brushed out her mane and tail. I used a new product (forgot the name already), the same one I used on Dani. I like it and she let me brush her tail with no flinching and moving away today. Much better.

She didn't like me brushing out her forelock, but I think it's because I was putting eye ointment in her eyes for a few days and she's used to that area being a not-so-great experience. She was fine when she realized I wasn't going for goop in the eye.

I saddled her and was very easy about tightening the cinch. I didn't intend to get on her tonight (too late, tired, didn't want to go there...) so I made it tight enough to stay but not riding tight. She seemed to appreciate the extra breathing room and didn't get snarly.

In the round pen, I sent her around in both directions until she would look at me. Usually when she stops, she looks for Chavez or nibbles grass. If she did that, she kept trotting. Eventually, she stopped, sighed, and looked at me. She didn't turn her whole body to me, which I am totally good with. I don't want her to turn her body to me, I just want her undivided attention. If she turns her body, that sets her up in a habit that isn't helpful while trying to mount a horse.

She is way better about forehand and haunch turns than last time. We worked on her moving forward without me tugging on the leadrope to get her to move; using the stirrup as an indicator of "GO".

We worked on steering, on the ground. I tied the leadrope so they were "reins" and stood near the saddle and turned her head right and left with the reins. She did okay with that, but will need more work. I thought I might try long lines/driving, but we ran out of light. Perhaps tomorrow.
I know, I know... she's wearing Dodge's halter. It was the one I grabbed. It worked fine. :-)

Faith took this one. You can see my hand on the horn. She was wondering about the cinching part, but was pretty darn good about it today.

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Pony Girl said...

Sounds like you are making some good progress with Shelby. I like how you sometimes just hang out with her. I have been trying to do that more often. I'll go into my horse's pasture to pick rocks or something, other than catch him. I'll go up to him and say hi, then walk away and he's like- wait a minute? Where's the halter? I think he is pleasantly surprised! :)