Friday, June 20, 2008

Visit to the vet.

Yesterday, I noticed that Shelby's right eye was a little weepy. This morning, at feeding time, it was crusty and gooey. I called the vet and made an appointment for 1:30pm today.

She was a dream to load, trailer and waited fairly patiently for our turn. Once inside they sedated her to get a good look at the eye. It only took a 3/4 dose to knock her almost completely out. Her butt was braced against the back of the stocks and her head drooped as low as it could go.

What did we find out? Basic conjuctivitis. Triple antibiotic in eye twice a day for a week. She also got her 5-way and a blood work-up and fecal sample was taken to analyze. Ha! Anal - ize.

Moving on.

She had two strongyle eggs in her fecal sample. The blood work-up was in great shape. She was running a slight fever, but it was a warm day, she was a bit stressed, etc. Nothing to worry about. He listened to her heart and lungs, looked at her teeth and said she should really blossom in about 60 days. Nothing was wrong with her, other than to really get a handle on the parasites, make sure she gets her own eating space as she's a bit skinny and to just take care of her. He thought she was a sweetie.

He measured her at 14.3 almost 15.0h tall. Said that she was definitely a baby (right around 2) and that she should conservatively grow to 15.2, possibly 16h!! Yikes. All my horses are short little things. Stocky, but short.

$432 later, a very sleepy Shelby and I are headed back home where I dose her with Ivermectin and put more antibiotic ointment in her eye. I am supposed to give all the horses Ivermectin as well. I got two others done. Three to go tomorrow.

I was glad the vet seemed to like her. Sometimes, I get tunnel-vision thinking my horses are so great, when maybe they are tyrants. Thankfully, she's just a mellow "little" girl who needs to eat more.

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