Monday, June 9, 2008

-Grooming, sans drama.

I brushed Shelby today. I got her out, tied her up and brushed her. She pinned her ears a couple of times when I brushed her belly, but did not try to bite.
I combed out her mane, forelock and about 2/3 of her tail. There are some dreadlocks going on in that tail. I fed her a few treats and picked up her feet. She was really very good. I had intended (yes, the road to Hades...) to saddle her today, but forgot about Faith's lesson. Oops. Trainer shows up, works with Chavez. Time to get Faith from school. Then it's get Belle, brush, saddle... Shelby goes back into the dry lot. Another day, girlfriend.
Faith took the picture below. It seemed so peaceful with Shelby enjoying a quiet, late afternoon with her buddy, Chavez.

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Pony Girl said...

This is the beginning of a great journey with you and Shelby. I am excited to read more about her progress.